Frank J. Rizzo Award

Call for Nominations of the Frank J. Rizzo Award

Nominations are being accepted for the Frank J. Rizzo Award to be presented at IABEM 2020 (
Now Open)

The Frank J. Rizzo Award was established by IABEM in 2004 to honor outstanding individuals and their research in the field of BIE/BEM. The main criterion in selecting the award winner is based on the seminal and life-long contributions of the individual in the BIE/BEM research and education that have long lasting impact to the field. Further considerations include contributions in promoting the BIE/BEM and support to the BIE/BEM community, including IABEM.

To nominate someone for this award, please submit your letter of nomination with a copy of the nominee's curriculum vitae to the Chair of the Award Committee (Dr. Yijun Liu, E-mail: by January 31, 2020.

The Frank J. Rizzo Award Committee:

Dr. Yijun Liu, Chair (Southern University of Science and Technology, China) 
Dr. Marc Bonnet (Unité de Mathématiques Appliquées)
Dr. J.T. Chen (National Taiwan Ocean University)
Dr. Carlos Jerez-Hanckes (Pontificia Universidad Catolica de Chile)
Dr. Johannes Tausch (Southern Methodist University)


Recipients of the Frank J. Rizzo Award:

Frank J. Rizzo, Iowa State University, USA (2004)

Wolfgang L. Wendland, University of Stuttgart, Germany (2006)

Jean-Claude Nédélec, Ecole Polytechnique, France (2011)

Subrata Mukherjee, Cornell University, USA (2013)

Martin Costabel, Universite Rennes 1, France (2014)

Steven L. Crouch, University of Minnesota, USA (2016)

Ernst P. Stephan, Leibniz Universität Hannover, Germany (2018)